Instructions for Users

Please read these instructions prior to using the hall. This facility is run for the community  by the community, therefore please use responsibly and leave tidy.

Kintbury Jubilee Centre


All bookings must be secured by use of credit/debit card and payment shall be taken post use of the venue by booker.

All bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to use of the venue.


Provided in booking confirmation email.

Burglar Alarm

Provided in booking confirmation email.

Equipment Cupboard

The code provided in the booking confirmation email.

After use, please replace the equipment safely and neatly in the store (see plan on door).

Checklist on Leaving the Building

When leaving the Centre please check the following:

  1. Equipment cupboard lights are off and cupboard is locked .
  2. Fire exits are securely shut (see attached floor plan for details)
  3. Hall lights are switched off and doors to the hall are closed on leaving
  4. Lights in the foyer are switched off
  5. Toilet lights are switched off


Users are responsible for leaving the premises clean after their hiring, including  sweeping the floor if necessary. A broom and mop can be found in storeroom 1 on the plan.

Equipment Brought onto the Premises by Users

Any equipment brought onto the premises by the users is done so entirely at the risk of  the user. It must not be left in the Centre without the permission of the management.  The user must ensure that it is in a safe condition and is used in accordance with the  supplier’s instructions.

The management takes no responsibility for any such equipment

First Aid and Incidents

There are two first aid boxes, one located in the main hall and the other on the  windowsill on the 1st floor.

A defibrillator is available outside the main door of the Jubilee Centre and  another at the Coronation Hall (turn right outside the Centre, cross the road  and the Coronation Hall is opposite the next corner).

If the emergency services are required, the key for the barrier is located with  the door keys. Please ensure the barrier is relocked as soon as possible  afterwards.

Any incidents should be reported to management by email, .

Any Problems or in the Event of an Emergency

Please contact Clive on 07834 774621 or another member of the team.

A list of phone numbers for other committee members is available in the foyer.

Fire Alarm

The hall is unstaffed and thus the person responsible for the booking must ensure that their party is aware of the fire precautions in the building, including  location of fire exits and fire extinguishers.

The Jubilee Centre is protected by a fire alarm system. The control panel is in  the lobby near the main hall.

The fire alarm is activated by smoke alarms throughout the building and by push  buttons as shown on the floor plan below.

If the fire alarm sounds users should vacate the premises by the fire exits shown  on the diagram below. Disabled exit is only available on the ground floor  through any of the fire exits shown.

Dial 999 for the fire brigade unless it is CERTAIN that the alarm is false.  The location of the Centre is Inkpen Road, Kintbury RG17 9TU.

Any activation of the fire alarm (including false alarms) must be reported to the  management team as soon as possible.

Kintbury Jubilee Centre Plan

Evacuation Plan

Floor plan showing location of fire exits and fire extinguishers.

Disabled exit is through any fire exit on the ground floor only.

In the event of fire, the evacuation assembly point is by the entrance onto Inkpen Road. If the fire brigade/emergency services need to be called, the address of the Centre is: Kintbury Jubilee Centre, Inkpen Road, Kintbury RG17 9TU.

Safe Guarding

All safe guarding requirements are the responsibility of the hirer and the Kintbury Jubilee Management shall bear no responsibility for any breaches of safe guarding by the Hirer.

Special Conditions of Hire during COVID-19

Note: These conditions are supplemental to, not a replacement for, the hall’s ordinary conditions of hire.

SC1: You, the hirer, will be responsible for ensuring those attending your activity or event comply with the COVID-19 Secure Guidelines while entering and occupying the hall, as shown on the attached poster which is also displayed at the hall entrance, in particular using the hand sanitiser supplied when entering the hall and after using tissues.

SC2: You undertake to comply with the actions identified in the hall’s risk assessment, of which you have been provided with a copy.

SC3: You will make sure that everyone likely to attend your activity or event understands that they MUST NOT DO SO if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days, and that if they develop symptoms within 7 days of visiting the premises they MUST use the Test, Track and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact.

SC4: You will keep the premises well ventilated throughout your hire, with windows and doors open as far as convenient. You will be responsible for ensuring they are all securely closed on leaving.

SC5: You will ensure that no more than the recommended number of people attend your activity/event (see hall risk assessment), in order that social distancing can be maintained. You will ensure that everyone attending maintains social distancing while waiting to enter the premises and as far as possible when using more confined areas e.g. moving and stowing equipment, which should be kept as brief as possible. You will make sure that no more than two people use each suite of toilets at one time.

SC6: You will take particular care to ensure that social distancing is maintained for any persons aged 70 or over or likely to be clinically more vulnerable to COVID-19, including for example keeping a 2m distance around them when going in and out of rooms and ensuring they can access the toilets, kitchen or other confined areas without others being present.  For some people, passing another person in a confined space is less risky, but for older people that should be avoided.

SC7: You will be responsible for the disposal of all rubbish created during your hire, including tissues and cleaning cloths, in the rubbish bags provided in the lobby before you leave the hall.

SC8: You will encourage users to bring their own drinks and will be responsible, if drinks are made, for ensuring that all crockery and cutlery is washed in hot soapy water, dried and stowed away. You will bring your own clean tea towels, so as to reduce risk of contamination between hirers, and take them away. We will provide washing up liquid and washing up cloths.

SC9: We will have the right to close the hall if there are safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example, if someone who has attended the hall develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required or if it is reported that the Special Hiring Conditions above are not being complied with, whether by you or by other hirers, or in the event that public buildings are asked or required to close again.  If this is necessary, we will do our best to inform you promptly and you will not be charged for this hire.

SC10: In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms while at the hall you should remove them to the designated safe area which is the store room adjacent to the office until the others leave. Ask others in your group to provide contact details if you do not have them and then leave the premises, observing the usual hand sanitising and social distancing precautions, and advise them to launder their clothes when they arrive home.  Inform the hall management by email  as additional cleaning may be required.

SC11: Other special points as appropriate.

Where a group uses their own equipment:

You will ensure that any equipment you provide is cleaned before use and before being stored in the hall’s cupboards.